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48 years of experience says it all. This means you can relax knowing your dress is in the right hands.

Love the Moment, We'll Take Care of the Gown

The Sewing Lady specializes in bridal and event dress alterations. With The Sewing Lady you can rest assured that you will have nothing to worry about. With over 48 years of experience in bridal we have seen it all and know full well how to handle anything you may have.

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My gown and bustle were amazing thanks to Diana and her team at The Sewing Lady. They did a wonderful job altering my gown.

Wedding Dress Alterations

Diana at The Sewing Lady and her team are absolutely amazing. Not only did they meet my date but they made my dress fit perfectly. I enjoyed every fitting because they are all so helpful and kind.

Wedding Dress Alterations

Diana does amazing work! I have had such a positive experience with her and her team. She is patient and made absolute certian that I was happy with my gown.

Jessica Ann
Wedding Dress Alterations

The women at The Sewing Lady were wonderful to work with. My gown was heavily beaded and needed significant alterations. Even with all the beading they made my gown look perfect and the ladies were a delight to be around.

Wedding Dress Alterations
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Why Choose Us?

Know what you get with this level of experience and knowledge.

All in One

Keeping it simple is a value. Since we do dresses for brides, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, etc this makes life a little easier knowing that the same expert hands will be managing it all.


Trust is a virtue and we pride ourselves on the fact that our customers trust us. We make sure every alteration, adjustment, etc is done to perfection.


You'll likely need to know a good seamstress your entire life. Whether you need a dress for a quinceanera, prom, wedding or any other event you'll always have us to make sure you look astounding.

Perfect Fit

Having a good fit can be the difference between being able to move around and sit comfortably. With expert staff we can help to make sure your dress fits as it should.


Worry less, not more. With 48 years of experience and a drive and passion for what we do, you can rest easy knowing your dress is in the right hands.


The value of your hard earned money is important. Which is why we deliver above expectations. We pride ourselves on our work and aim to build a lasting relationship with our customers.

Low Risk

On the day of the big event, your dress shouldn't be something that you need to worry about. With experienced hands, we help to lower and even eliminate the risk of malfunctions.

expert hands

You probably wouldn't hire a gardener to fix your car. This is why hiring an expert is a huge benefit. You can have it done on time and completed to meet your needs.

time matters

We understand your time is valuable and we want to make sure it's not wasted. We can move things along because we know the right questions to ask and have the right answers.

Tips & Tricks?

Learn more with us.

January 9, 2019

The Sewing Lady - January 9, 2019

Dance The Night Away

Lots of brides wear two pairs of shoes on their wedding day. High-heals for the ceremony and comfy flats for the reception. Bringing both pairs to your alterations appointment ensures that your gown will be hemmed and bustled to the perfect length for both wedding and reception.

All Packed And Read To Go

If your going to be flying with your wedding gown, you'll want to map out exactly how you're going to do that ahead of time - because it can get tricky. Here are three tips to make getting your gown from point A to point B a little more stress free. 1. Talk to your airline. 2. Pack up your wedding gown in a garment bag with care. 3. Fly first class or purchase Priority Boarding.

Bustle Up

From sweep and fishtail to statement making monarch styles, wedding-dress trains are back in a major way. When it's time to choose a bustle style during your gown alterations, keep in mind what activities you'll participate in at your reception.

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