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January 9, 2019

The Sewing Lady - January 9, 2019

Dance The Night Away

Lots of brides wear two pairs of shoes on their wedding day. High-heals for the ceremony and comfy flats for the reception. Bringing both pairs to your alterations appointment ensures that your gown will be hemmed and bustled to the perfect length for both wedding and reception.

All Packed And Read To Go

If your going to be flying with your wedding gown, you'll want to map out exactly how you're going to do that ahead of time - because it can get tricky. Here are three tips to make getting your gown from point A to point B a little more stress free. 1. Talk to your airline. 2. Pack up your wedding gown in a garment bag with care. 3. Fly first class or purchase Priority Boarding.

Bustle Up

From sweep and fishtail to statement making monarch styles, wedding-dress trains are back in a major way. When it's time to choose a bustle style during your gown alterations, keep in mind what activities you'll participate in at your reception.

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