Custom Sleeves and Neckline

January 24, 2019 10:48 PM

Diana The Sewing Lady and, Donna discuss creating custom sleeves and a neckline to add to this beautiful horsehair trimmed gown.

January 9, 2019

The Sewing Lady - January 9, 2019

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All Packed And Read To Go

If your going to be flying with your wedding gown, you'll want to map out exactly how you're going to do that ahead of time - because it can get tricky. Here are three tips to make getting your gown from point A to point B a little more stress free. 1. Talk to your airline. 2. Pack up your wedding gown in a garment bag with care. 3. Fly first class or purchase Priority Boarding.

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Things Have Changed

Girls.. things have changed!! From vintage to modern and everything in between we are certain to have a veil you’ll love at The Sewing Lady!! We have over 500 veils in stock all at 50% off the regular price always!! We’ll even customize your veil for you. Because after all the sewing lady sews!! Bring your gown in and play dress up with us today or call 317-413-2807 to schedule your appointment!!

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